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This is a place for the MiniMonos community to come together to share all your great information about playing and interacting with the MiniMonos game and each other! It is YOUR wiki. So add your art, your how-tos, your videos, your suggestions for future MiniMonos development, and make it your own!

On this wiki we need as much participation from you guys as much as we can, we want to hear what you think and what you want to see on this Wiki. You can always message Panda in game and you may suggest pretty much anything. If We like your idea we will add it right away! We do understand that some of you having trouble understanding how to edit this wiki, that's why we have our staff to help you. If you want to add something to the Wiki please let one of the staff know and we will find a way to do it for you.

If you think something needs to be added then check out the "How to Edit" link -- you can add content to existing pages or create a whole new page!

Go Bananas from the MiniMonos team!!!

Important Notice : You can't edit the home page, it will ask you for a password. You may edit other pages but you can't edit a certain page that only the staff can edit, they only require your name and no password require. I hope this help!

Date CreatedOfficial SiteWorker
March 8th, 2010MiniMonos.comPanda & Ryan

How do MiniMonos members give back to others in need?

  • How do MiniMonos members give back to others in need?

First of all, MiniMonos Gold members give clean water to school children in India who don't have access to any. Here's a link to a Go Bananas post which tell you more about it:

Here's the link to the organisation we partner with -- Buy1Give1: We pay Buy1Give1 an annual fee and they pass on 100% of our donation to an organisation called Bird India who provide clean drinking water to children in India.

The donation comes from our paid Gold memberships and the amount is as follows:

  • One month membership = clean water for one schoolchild for one day
  • Six month's membership = one schoolchild for one week
  • One year's membership = one schoolchild for two weeks

So far we've calculated that we've given over 1960 children access to clean water! Awesome effort, monkeys!

You may also have seen on the link above that in February we told our

When we reach 250 members, we're planning to adopt Kesi too!

  • Panda: Yeah, finish with all the new banners and update on pretty much every tab :D

Hello its Ryan sorry i haven't redid the quiz for a while i've been really busy so im changing the quiz to saterday :)

Ill be putting up word puzzles now as well.

Hi I'm Ryan this is the MiniMonos quiz. Ill put up questions up on the wiki about MiniMonos and you have to get the answer to see how much YOU know about MiniMonos!

Q1 colowme

Q2 cycle cycle cycle

Q3 whats the new game going to be

Q4 were does it say keep out

Q5 weres igor

Last weeks quiz answers how many did you get?

A1 banana split

A2 6 feet under ground

A3 a sponge

A4 half way after that your walking out of the woods

A5 mount Everest it does not need to be discovered to be the highest in the world

ill put up the answers and a new quiz on saterday the 10th of july! P.S. my monkey name is catfish ill always be green like how I wan't the environment to be!!!!!!

This Wiki is owned by and is being created by a helpful monkey Panda! Our boss are Kaila Colbin and Phil Benoit, they're the MiniMonos staff.

These are the monkeys who are working for this official wiki. Our job is a bit different, we're here to look after you guys and keep this wiki user friendly and safe for everyone. We also want to make sure that everything is being place in the right place as well as being organize neatly the way it suppose to be. We're here to make sure that you guys follow the rules of MiniMonos here because it's very important!

We will also be looking through fan sites, as well as the MiniMonos Go Bananas Blog and and help other monkeys know that they can put their art and videos on the wiki so everyone can see it!

  • Panda : I will be in charge of making the MiniMonos wiki a central place where monkeys from all over the world can share information, comments, discussions, art, videos, how-tos, suggestions for future developments, , and anything else to do with MiniMonos.

I am pretty much the one that making the headers, the arts for this Wiki, information, guides, and pretty much anything that come to my mind. You can do all of this too, just log in and start editing! :D Very simple~ I joined MiniMonos in February 2010 and fall in love with it since then. I am currently a Top Mini Mod Gold Banana. If you see me on MiniMonos don't forget to say hi. :]

  • Ryan : hi ill make sure everything on the wiki is where it should be and ill also do the weekly quiz. :]

P.S. my monkey name is catfish ill always be green like how I wan't the environment to be!!!!!!

  • Benoit: I have just started working for MiniMonos, helping out with the website and Wiki. Buy Twitter Followers If you have any questions about your blog or fan site or you just want me to have a look then please send me an email. philb @ You can catch me on MiniMonos from time to time, make sure you say hi! :)
  • Kaila : I am one of the people who helped start MiniMonos right from the beginning! It's my job to help make sure monkeys are having a great time and that new monkeys are finding out about MiniMonos all the time! If you have any questions or comments for me please let me know kailac @ Have a bananalicious day!

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